Comby - The Complete Hay and Silage Feeder



The Robertson Comby is a very versatile machine being able to feed all types and sizes of round and square bales including
straw, hay and baled silage. All of these are able to be loaded with the self loading forks. The Robertson Comby also feeds
fine chop silage. With a level load capacity of 4.0m3 or with the slip on bin an extra 2.5m3

Comby Hay and Silage Feeder

Operational Features

The Robertson Comby has a simple easy joystick control feeding system. The elevator feeding system is controlled from the tractor hydraulics which can be stopped and started. The flow of oil passes through the elevator and goes to a joystick controlled valve system, giving forward and reverse of the feeding chamber and up and down of the self loading forks to bring the next bale into the feeder chamber. The controls of the Comby give full control of feed material, being able to forward and reverse all elevator and floor movements. The elevator delivers feed out of the side of the machine and can be varied from light for sheep and deer or heavy row for feeding cattle.

Control and Tilting Elevator

Electric Joystick Control

An option to standard cable joystick, gives finger tip
control to the cross floor and main floor movement.

Tilting Elevator

An advantage for trough feeding, feeding round bales and putting feed along fence lines.

Silage Door and Extension Bin

Silage Extension Bin

Slips onto forks and gives an extra 2.5m3 silage capacity (Turns machine into 7m3 silage feed wagon).

Silage Door

For use when feeding without extension bin and also advantage for other loose material.


Comby Spread

Comby Spread

The ideal unit for spreading Causmag and/or Minerals onto
the row.


• 2 Round Bales
• 2 Square Bales
• 1 Round & 1 Square
• 4m3 Fine Chop Silage (with 1 round or 1 square)
• 7m3 Fine Chop Silage (capacity using bin extension)


Overall Width: 2750mm
Overall Length [with forks down]: 5800mm
Overall Length [with forks up]: 4600mm
Overall Height: 1780mm
Overall Height [with forks up]: 3500mm
Tare Weight: 1460kg
Tyres: 11.5 / 80 x 15.3
Joystick: Manual Cable / Optional Electric
Hydraulics Required: Refer Super Comby Specifcations

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